The Burning Sky

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Flames exploding in the sky narrate stories never told.


We live in a world where humans are known by latest trends not through etiquettes which precisely define what kind of person they are in real. The essence of society is more on fancy things which they name it as a social status and less on the values which are running out of hands. Do we call ourselves civilized? But how? When the point of measuring every single aspect of living a life through a reference which least contributes to equality and modesty in all terms, then I’m sorry to say that we have failed as humans. We are trying to normalise all those unacceptable behaviors and things which deep inside we know they’re wrong or hold no ground value. We silence ourselves not showing the courage to speak out exempting from backlash. It saddens me how advertently we unnotice and let it pass through without acknowledging the facts need to be corrected. We talk about to get along with each other but unfortunately the societal pressure has been working more on creating competitors. Here people are taught to keep their smart skills hideous, inducing insecurities, not to share with others in order to receive recognition. Does that even make sense? I wonder what keeps anyone from helping others and why people are so insecure about their belongings and knowledge. We raise the slogans of OWN YOURSELF, HELP OTHERS, BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY GENUINE, the list goes on but in the real world we barely follow them.

And the flood residing inside you,

Let it escape the boundaries which serve no purpose.

Let it drown you, wash away all the identities succumbing to hopelessness.

Let’s bloom and live once again.

Walking in the moonlight, chasing after the demons, discovered a new ocean. The place where,

Unuttered pleads have turned into cool breeze and suppressed emotions into pearls, glistening in a way to guide the lost.

Every single moment that passes, I leave a part of myself behind which makes me realize I have much more of myself to bless them with because God made me auriferous enough to nurture the ruined and stray souls. With the gift of turning the wretched fires to lights of divinity, I get rid of these agonizing loads. Crushing the heart, ameliorating the mind, I walk in the search of the unknown. Prepared to receive and love what’s worth living.